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Policies & Procedures

Deposits and Payment Requirements

The event date will be reserved when your signed contract plus a 25% non-refundable deposit are received. We must receive your deposit within two weeks after the contract is written. Full payment is due two weeks before the event. Balances must be received two weeks prior to the event date to avoid cancellation.


Cancellations by the Rankin Garden, Atrium & Livery or the client must be made in writing.

Inclement Weather

The Rankin will not issue any refunds because of inclement weather or other circumstances that are beyond our control that may occur during the time of the event.


The client assumes all responsibility for damages incurred during the event. Additional fees will be billed if damage occurs. A Rankin staff member must be immediately alerted to any damage to insure facility safety.

Cleaning Services

A standard facilitation fee of $135 will be charged for all events. Caterers are responsible for all food clean-up and removal of trash from the premises. The client will be billed for any additional labor and/or above-normal cleaning costs related to the client’s use of the premises.

Decorations / Signs / Banners

The removal of decorations from the facility is the responsibility of the client and must be removed at the completion of the event. All decorations, signs, and banners must be approved by Columbus State University before the event. No drilling holes, driving nails, or screwing items into walls, ceilings, floors, woodwork, or partitions will be allowed. Confetti, bubbles, rice, silly string, birdseed, and sparklers are restricted to the outside areas. Any materials, substances, equipment, or objects which are likely to endanger life or cause bodily injury to any person or property will be required to be removed immediately from the facility. Additional decorations must be approved by the Sales Manager.

Alcohol Policy

All alcoholic beverages served on facility property must be dispensed by and coordinated with the caterer. A Columbus State University police officer must be hired at a rate of $30 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. Laws of the State of Georgia apply. Guests under the age of 21 may not be served alcoholic beverages.

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Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in the Rankin Garden,  Atrium & Livery. It is a violation of Columbus State University policy for any person to smoke within any portion of CSU properties. Conviction of this violation is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by a fine.

Set up / Load out

Rankin staff will set up all tables and chairs according to the wedding style specified in the diagram for the ceremony and/or reception. The placement of tables and chairs may be reset for a fee following the ceremony to accommodate the reception style. Breakdown will begin immediately after the contracted end time.

Deliveries / Loading

All delivery access must be coordinated with the Sales Manager. Delivery access to the Rankin is located through the iron gates on 10th Street or on 1st Avenue. All delivery items shall be brought into or out of the facility only at these entrances during the hours designated in the wedding schedule. Vehicular traffic and parking is not permitted on any lawn, walkway or brick areas.

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